Lockdown in India for 21 Days

India on Tuesday adopted extreme measures to deal with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus as the nation registered about 100 new cases within a day. India reported three Covid-19 deaths on Monday, taking the death toll to 10, while the total number of cases crossed over 519. Maharashtra and Punjab were placed under curfew, the rest of the states are in lockdown and all domestic flights are scheduled to be stranded. 30 states and union territories had ordered full lockdown under their jurisdiction in view of the coronoavirus outbreak but today on Tuesday the entire country has been locked down for 21 days. The extreme measures were taken by the central and state governments in light of the continuous upward curve of the virus, warning of legal action against those who violated the restrictions imposed during the lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry has announced that the government has taken steps to ensure the trial and treatment of Covid-19 cases. The ministry said that 12 private-laboratory chains have been registered for testing coronavirus cases. The 55-year-old man, who had recently returned from Italy with his family and tested positive for the Coronavirus, died in Kolkata. According to an official statement, the patient also suffered heart-related illnesses. This was the first accident in West Bengal due to the novel coronoavirus. Himachal Pradesh also recorded its first death due to Covid-19. Recently a 69-year-old man traveling from the US died of a coronavirus at a government hospital in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. He returned from the US on 15 March. They came in contact with him during treatment and his return journey was identified and he was kept outside the home. Earlier, seven deaths occurred in Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra (2), Karnataka, Delhi and Punjab.500 total cases in India. India reported the highest number of cases in a single day on Monday. Maximum number of cases (28) were reported in Kerala, followed by 23 new cases in Maharashtra. Other states report New Covid-19 cases to include Gujarat (12) Tamil Nadu (2) and Bihar (1). Two cases were reported on Monday in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. India has stopped while Punjab and Maharashtra have imposed curfew,. Furthering its efforts to deal with the unprecedented situation arising from the coronavirus breakout, the Ministry of Aviation announced that no domestic commercial passenger flights would be permitted to operate in the country from 25 March. India has already banned international flights for a week from Sunday. Late Monday, the government announced that it was closing all 107 ports of entry at airports, ports and land routes. Violent, blatant and booked names States across India are not taking lightly the curfew, lockdown and home quarantine violations. Crores of people were challaned, booked under the provisions of the Pandemic Act and sent to segregation wards across India for not following the measures to ensure their own and public safety.

Many police in UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states have caught posters to lockdown violators saying that I am an enemy of the state, I venture during lockout without any reason. Ghaziabad police on Monday booked 200 people for violating lockdown orders imposed in the wake of the coronovirus threat. In Noida, the police issued 2,000 challans and penalties against those violating Section 144 on the first day of lockout. In Kolkata, a couple was forced to be taken to the isolation ward after violating the quarantine of the house. A DSP in Hyderabad was booked after failing to inform the health authorities about the arrival of his son, who later tested positive for coronovirus. DSP’s son recently returned from London. PM Modi requested people to follow the instructions of the government.

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